Honeywell TITAN C Series

Honeywell TITAN C Series

Honeywell TITAN C-450 / C-300

Honeywell TITAN C-450 / C-300


SCBA is the single-most important piece of equipment you will take into a fire. It needs to be reliable, comfortable and user-friendly, so you can have 100 percent confidence in your equipment during the heat of the battle. That’s why Honeywell developed the TITAN SCBA, a new SCBA with advanced functionality for safety, reliability and usability. Through extensive collaboration and testing with firefighters, we designed the Honeywell TITAN to be smart, intuitive and easy to use, delivering everything you need in your SCBA .



Specification 세로형 테이블
Weight Under 9 Kg (Excl. auxiliary mask and air in cylinder) Under 7 Kg (Excl. auxiliary mask and air in cylinder)
Hours of use 45min 30min
Operating temperature -20˚C ~ 60˚C
Exhalation resistance Under 71.4 mmH2O
Alarm Over 90dB
Angle of field for Mask Over 230˚
Cylinder specification 6.8L Carbon composite cylinder, 300 Bar
(Working pressrue : abt.300 Bar/ Test pressure : abt.500 Bar)
4.7L Carbon composite cylinder, 300 Bar
(Working pressure : abt.310 Bar/ Test pressure : abt.517 Bar)
Approval KFI, KOGAS